Landcare in Tonga

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Project Summary:
To provide food security to a minimum of 60 households (App. 240 people)in three villages in Tonga. The communities will be trained to assess and create solutions to their food security. Materials for new improved vegetable garden beds and hen houses will be provided to 60 households to assist in the growing and protection of fresh vegetables and hens. This will enable the growing of fresh vegetables above the water level and provide protection from roaming pigs. Fences will provide poultry runs to protect the hens from cats and dogs thus improving the production of eggs and poultry.

The Kingdom of Tonga on the Island of Tongatapu in the villages of Popua, Sopu and Pea

The Global Grant budget is US$50,055

Benefit to the community
It will improve vegetable, poultry and egg output to a minimum of 60 households which will improve their health by providing fresh food. It will also save them money to purchase food and any excess will be sold which will supplement their incomes.


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