Global Foundation Scholar – Annelise Bissett

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Project Summary:
The MSc of Environmental Change and Management aims to train leaders who will be involved in developing solutions to a range of environmental issues facing our society. The course is multidisciplinary and aims to educate students in the socioeconomic, political, ethical and cultural factors that need to be considered when addressing environmental issues.

Location: Oxford University

Country: United Kingdom

Town: Oxford

Cost: $48,000

Benefit to the Community: Environmental issues such as climate change, land degradation, pollution, and food and water security will have an increasing impact on communities across the globe, in particular those in developing and remote areas. Communities need to develop innovative environmental strategies in order to grow sustainably, preserve vital natural resources, and lessen the impacts of climate change on the community.

Anna’s Email 4 October 2014: ” ..I received my marks – I received a distinction grade for my dissertation and also a distinction overall for the year. Very happy with this result as it is not common to get distinctions at Oxford!”


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